Hippo in the Room

In another recent adventure I met with some lovely marketing folk to discuss opportunities to help them with a little bit of improvement to their marketing ways. Being something of a self-styled expert in this arena I thought I could offer them my assistance. I was wrong.

They asked me what I thought of their website. I said it was nice and all that but I wasn’t really the best person to ask. You see, I believe that a data-driven improvement should be based on what actual customers feel about your website rather than the opinion of some office-based numptie who is not even a customer.


I suggested a variety of metrics and reports to look at visitor behavior and develop dynamic data-driven responses to improve the website performance. I even recommended a structure for change management including a rolling process of continuous improvement supported by a longer term, strategic development project.

Apparently they only wanted my opinion on whether it looked good.

Oh well!




  1. plexity · October 31, 2016

    But did they pay you for your opinion?¿ that’s the important thing. I wish I could charge double for answering stupid questions.


  2. plexity · October 31, 2016

    Can I email you please? I’m arthur.battram.plexity AT gmail.com


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