Who manages change?

I am a change manager, that’s me, that is what my job description says I do.

So what is it I really do? I manage the change that someone, usually one of the top brass, wants to happen. They command and I manage others to follow to ensure control. That is the world of command and control.

Now being a systemsy type, a bit of a corporate rebel and a change radical (more on that another day) I am not a big fan of command and control. I prefer a systems approach to change.


But here’s the fun part you see change happens all the time, change is inevitable and for the most part it happens without my involvement at all. Systems self-govern, you don’t have to be a holocratic¬†organisation to realise that systems protect themselves from bad interventions. What my senior chums don’t get is that change needs to flow with the system to work otherwise it is doomed.

By understanding the system I understand how change works. The change manages itself and my job is to dance with the system…