RAG – I prefer Awesome, Awkward and Awful

In business land you can’t escape the RAG. The RAG is everywhere, telling all who see it about the status of this and the progress of that. Love it or loathe the RAG is here to stay.

So I say embrace it, make it better and have fun with it. 

Rather than boring old red, amber and green why not have something a bit more entertaining, a bit more motivating and a bit more cool. 

Ladies and gentlemen I give to you my triple A rating: awesome, awkward and awful. 

Would like your project to be green or awesome? If things are bad don’t hide it with a colour, say what you see and call it awful. And if progress is in danger then do as my teenage daughter would do and call it awkward. 

Imagine the delight on your senior manager’s face when you present your next status report. Go on, you know it make sense.


Like a boss…

I don’t work in the military. I am not a policeman. I work in an office.
So why do so many “senior managers” believe they are my commanding officer?

  • Please communicate with me not at me
  • Please ask not tell
  • Please treat me like a colleague not a sub-ordinate

And I will respect you like a boss…