Imagine the look of surprise on your colleagues’ faces when you add DAFUQ to the next team meeting agenda….

Now if you are ‘down with the kids’ you might think I am being rude. If not you may have no idea what the title of this post is all about. This appropriation of a trendy phrase is a brilliant tool for meetings, particularly those type of meetings where things can often go unspoken. This is a Discussion About Frequently Unasked Questions.

You know the scenario, a project or client meeting where you have been talking about the latest project issue and developing a plan to fix it but you have a sense that not everything is out in the open. Or large forum discussion where several members are being quiet as they try to working through a proposal but the agenda is so tight it is time to move the discussion on to the next topic.

There are many examples of meetings, conversations or simply personal reflections for which a bit of time spent exploring what wasn’t said could save you future embarrassment/time/problems etc.

  • Why did Fred not comment on my proposal?
  • What have we missed?
  • Which users have not contributed to the discussion?
  • What do we need more time to reflect on?

So set aside a few moments for a discussion on the frequently unasked questions, find out what hasn’t been said, and why. Then learn to ask the right questions, every time.

So sort that agenda now – item 4: DAFUQ




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