“Create the space for people to be their best selves” Helen Bevan

I have been have more conversations about change. This time I spoke with the marvelous Helen Bevan of NHS Horizons. We talked about the role of change agents as being one which creates space for others to be their best selves, not their worst selves.

What I really like about this statement is how it draws on the importance of the relationships between both parties and the role of the change agent in creating the conditions for others to thrive. Change agents and leadership have a lot in common. Done wrong both can be disastrous for all involved, but done with compassion, humility and awareness both can be a great experience for everyone.

Like some of my earlier lessons from these change conversations what this particularly highlights to me is the importance of the change person taking responsibility for seeing the world through the eyes of others and for focusing their efforts towards creating conditions for change to succeed. All too often when discussing change people talk about resistance. Perhaps so-called resistance arises because we did not create the right conditions for people to be their best? Maybe we created the conditions in which they became their worst selves?

As change agents it is our responsibility to create the conditions and space to allow people to be their best. And it is our actions that can drive the responses we get. We might not know how to do it right every time but imagine how good it will be when those around you are being their best selves. What a fantastically motivating place that would be.


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